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Driveway and Patio cleaning is sometimes always left for many years because it used to cost a fortune to have it professionally clean, well we have found a cost effective way of driveway and patio cleaning.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning, Is your patio suffocating under years of green algae and moss or do you have more growing between your path stones than around them? if the answer is yes then what you need is our driveway and patio cleaning service.
With staff having over 30 years genuine experience within the hard landscaping side of the business you are assured that you are dealing with professionals rather than amateurs as all they will do is damage your patio or driveway so be careful who you choose to pressure wash or clean your very expensive patio or driveway.
DR Watson’s Cleaning Service Ltd offer several cleaning solutions to many different types of driveway and patios, we offer a maintenance clean and also deep intense cleans depending on the age of the patio or driveway. DR Watson’s Cleaning Service have years of experience and knowledge of driveway and Patios and how they are laid and how they should be maintained so with this we can offer you free advice and also offer an excellent cleaning service, we carry out both Power washing and non power washing service depending on the driveway and patio that is to be cleaned.
Hungerford Driveway and Patio cleaning service carry out cleaning of your block paved driveway leaving it looking like it was just laid, we will clean the driveway and re-sand after completion once it has fully dried and with this we can also offer a driveway sealing service after the drive is cleaned we will seal the drive with a good quality sealer again rather than just a cheap version.

DR Watson’s Cleaning Service Ltd have carried out many cleans and with this we only use our own photo’s on our page of our work we have carried out and not from another  site that we pretend is ours so again you know that the results you see are the results we achieve with no hidden excuses.

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